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Uniform Policy

Uniform Policy

All students are required to wear the designated school uniform. If a student is out-of-uniform, the student will be required to wear a substitute uniform from the Principal's supply and parents will be notified. Consistent disregard for uniform regulations will be subject to a consequence for violating the behavioral expectations of the Viking Code. As a reminder, all clothing (uniform and non-uniform) must be appropriate for school, neat and clean.
Uniform Overview


  • K- 3:MacBeth Plaid Jumper or skort, maximum 2" above knee (Dennis Uniform Co.)
  • 4-8: MacBeth Plaid skirt or skort, maximum 2" above knee (DUC)
  • K-8: Plain white uniform blouse, round collar, short or long-sleeved Polo shirt in white or red. (Lands End Catalog).
  • K-8:Navy blue classic chino-style pants, no cargo or jean style (Land's End).
  • Athletic or school shoes - Solid navy, black, red or white visible socks.


  • K-8: Classic red or white short or long sleeved polo-type or turtle neck shirt, with or without Sacred Heart logo.
  • Gr 8: Khaki classic chino-style pants, no cargo or jean style. (from Land's End School Catalog). Option of class shirt, acceptable only if red, white, or navy lettering/design and as pre-approved by the Principal.
Gym Uniform 4 - 8: 
  • Regulation red gym shorts (Land's End) and gray t-shirt(Land's End). Red SHS Viking sweatshirt (from Lands End). gym shoes 

General Information:

Clothes can be purchased at the Dennis School Uniform Co., 7055 W. Higgins Ave., Chicago IL  60656, (708)669-7944. If purchasing online at our school code at Dennis is G7FGV.

Alternately, online purchases can be made through the Lands End catalog-school uniform program. 
(School preferred #9000-6244-9)

Sacred Heart Logo is available on polos, sweaters, or shirts.(#011-7901 K) 24 hours: 1-800-469-2222 or (catalogs available in school office.)