School Board

School Board 2021 - 2022


The Sacred Heart School Board is an advisory board consisting of nine parents of children enrolled in Sacred Heart School, as well as the pastor and the principal.  School board members serve a three-year term, and are nominated by an advisory committee consisting of board, parish and school family representatives.

The School Board meets the second Tuesday of every month at 7:15 PM in the teacher’s lounge. All are welcome.  If you'd like to join us, you are required to contact the board chair 24 hours in advance so the agenda can be adjusted accordingly. 


School Administrators

Father Steve Lanza


Margaret Webb


Jennifer Sullivan

Assistant Principal


Parent Members

Matt Bradley

Chair, Board Membership

Matt Petrillo

Fiscal Management

John Rushin

Strategic Planning, SHAC Liaison

Kelly Vergamini Strategic Planning, PA Liaison
Tanya Scandariato Strategic Planning

Laurie Hamman

Institutional Advancement, Nite Lights Liaison

Kim Doucas

Institutional Advancement 

Kristen Trotten

PASS, Enrichment Liaison

Bridget Murdock