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Tuition and Financial Assistance

TUITION 2018-2019




$4600 for 4 days a week,  $5750 for 5 days a week*




$6250 per student*





$6200 per student*



$8200 per student*


*This is the tuition for the 2018-2019 school year, the tuition for the 2019-2020 year will be set in June.

Because we are subsidized by the parish, in order to qualify for the parishioner rate, families must be active financial supporters of Sacred Heart Church. 




An annual non-refundable family registration fee of $600 is required at the time of registration. This fee is an addition to the tuition amount listed above. 


Tuition will be billed either monthly, by trimester or annually beginning in July and may be paid via check or credit card.


Tuition assistance is available. Applications are due June 1st.


In addition to tuition, parents are encouraged to support the Parent Assisted Salary Supplement (PASS) Fund, Nite Lites, and various other Parent Association sponsored activities throughout the school year.


At the beginning of the year, each family will be charged an activity fee that includes field trips, technology and other grade specific fees.  The fees for the 2018-2019 school year include:

Field Trip: $15 for JK,  $50 for K-8th

Parent Association Fee: $40 per family

Technology Fees: $300 for 1st-8th

Sacramental Fees for Grades 2 and 8: $50

8thGrade Transcript and Yearbook Fee: $45






It is our goal here at Sacred Heart that any family who wants a Catholic education for their child be given that opportunity, regardless of financial situation. If you are interested in applying for financial assistance, please click on the link below and follow the directions to complete a SMART Aid application.

Parent Instructions 2018-2019
Once an application for tuition assistance is received, an award amount will be calculated based on individual family need, the amount of funds available, and the number of students in need of assistance per year.  The tuition assistance award amount will be communicated via a letter.  The letter must be signed and returned to the school or parish business office.  
The award amount will be spread out over the monthly payments.  Families receiving tuition assistance must remain current with tuition payments or they will forfeit the award funds.