Tuition & Financial Assistance

Your child's education is one of the most important investments you can make in a commodity that will never lose value. Students who graduate from Sacred Heart go on to top-tier high schools like Loyola Academy, Woodland Academy, and Regina Dominican and from there - benefit from higher acceptance rates to top-tier universities including: Harvard, Notre Dame, and Yale.
We understand that it can be challenging to pay for private education and we deeply appreciate the sacrifices families make to do so. It is our mission to ensure that anyone who wants to come to Sacred Heart is able to do so, regardless of their financial situation.
Our goal at Sacred Heart is to ensure that every family who desires a Catholic education for their child be given that opportunity, regardless of their financial situation. We are proud to be able to offer financial aid to eligible families with students in Kindergarten through 8th grade.
Once an application for tuition assistance is received through our Blackbaud tuition management program, an award amount will be calculated based on individual family needs, the amount of funds available, and the number of students in need of assistance per year. 
Life is dynamic - and as result, so are finances. Jobs come and go, people get sick, the unexpected can happen at any time to any of us. To that end, we know that there can be a great deal of nuance in terms of how need is experienced. It's unique to every family, regardless of zip code, and at any time of a given year. We are more than happy to work with any family at any time to ensure that your child's Catholic education is every bit the blessing it's intended to be, even when other circumstances change. 
  • Low student-teacher ratios (10:1 max) that encourage individualized learning, close connections, and dedicated support.
  • An authentic foundation in faith, service, compassion, and respect for one another.
  • Attention to the importance of visual arts, music, and theater at all age levels. 
  • A school community that exemplifies what it means to be a "village."
  • 1:1 iPad allocations in Kindergarten through 8th grade and attention to computer literacy as early as Junior Kindergarten.
  • Smart Boards and Apple TV in every classroom to ensure the most dynamic, interactive lessons possible for every subject.
  • A state-of-the-art STEAM lab where students in all grades learn circuitry, coding and engineering.
  • No-cut athletic teams to encourage all students to try sports that may have seemed unapproachable otherwise.
  • Opportunities for cross-grade groupings for lessons, projects, prayer, and activities.
  • Advanced placement opportunities for Math through Loyola High School and Reading through skills-based groupings to ensure all are appropriately challenged and supported.