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Parent and Alumni Testimonials

"It is a school that provides a top quality education in all subjects. The most beautiful thing about this school is that it nurtures the hearts of our children as well as their minds. I can't begin to express how much this school and the amazing school community mean to my family. I love who my children are becoming under the influence of the amazing teachers at Sacred Heart!"


-Colleen (Lodge) Meyers, alumnus and current parent
"My complete experience at Sacred Heart certainly prepared me for my high school years. And by "complete experience" I mean the friendships I formed with the teachers, who were very patient with us, the kids - who I know will be lifelong friends (and fantasy football teammates!).....and of course - all the amazing parents who volunteered their time and talents to the Sacred Heart community."
-Trent Piotrowski, class of 2017

"Today, I am one of the top snare drummers in the Loyola Drumline, a kit drummer for the jazz and pep bands, and the lead guitarist of my own personal rock band, all because of Mr. Comstock and the musical opportunities Sacred Heart offered. If you would have told 4th grade me that I would be playing intricate guitar solos in front of large audiences, I would have laughed and told you you had the wrong guy. My confidence grew not only on stage, but also through the classroom. I participate in school, and I don’t feel worried about what others think of me. I am my true self, all because of Sacred Heart. I am so grateful for Sacred Heart, and I’m proud to say my grade school is now a blue ribbon school. "



-Tommy Lynch, class of 2015


"We all came to Sacred Heart with common desires. We wanted to raise our children in a school rooted in catholic values, with high academic expectations, where the teachers and principal are dedicated to the development of the whole child. And we sought COMMUNITY. It is with support from this…this entire community … that our children graduate from Sacred Heart as confident and caring young adults, lifelong learners ready to flex all their God-given talents to serve others. For that we are so grateful."



-Laura Janssen, current parent and parent of alumni