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The Viking Code

The goal of the Sacred Heart School faculty and staff is to provide a safe and positive learning environment, which supports Christian moral excellence. The teachers and staff are ready to meet those expectations by helping to develop respectful, responsible, and cooperative students. Every child at Sacred Heart School deserves to achieve high academic standards. The best way to ensure this goal is to create an environment where learning is paramount and disruptions to the goal of academic excellence are minimal.

Learning is directly related to a predictable, structured environment. By providing a cohesive code of conduct (The Viking Code) for all students, the goal of academic and Christian moral excellence becomes attainable because behavioral expectations are clearly defined. At all times, we expect Sacred Heart students to be RespectfulResponsible, and Cooperative

The Viking Code describes in further detail what these expectations look like in each area of the school.

When students are caught exhibiting these behaviors and going above and beyond these expectations, they will be rewarded with Viking Bucks. The Viking Bucks will be contributed toward both class and/or individual rewards, which will be determined by the teachers and students. We know Sacred Heart students are capable of meeting our high expectations, and we will use Viking Points to reward them for doing so.

At the end of each trimester those grade 6-8 students who have received no detentions will be rewarded with an off-campus lunch with classmates and homeroom teacher.  

Failure to meet the expectations outlined in the Viking Code will result in a consequence. Consequences vary according to the student's age and the magnitude of the behavior. As outlined below parents will be contacted for repeated or severely inappropriate behaviors, and parent-teacher conferences will be scheduled.  Consequences for each grade are listed below.

Consequences of Inappropriate Behavior

  • Grades K -2
  • Teacher will talk with student about inappropriate behavior 
  • Loss of classroom privileges 
  • 5-10 minute time out from play area 
  • Loss of recess 
  • Parent contacted via note, e-mail, and/or phone call when there are three infraction
  • A parent conference with the principal and teacher will be called if the seriousness/frequency of incidences persist. 
  • Grades 3 - 5
  • Teacher will talk with student about inappropriate behavior 
  • Loss of all or part of recess 
  • Completion of a reflection form 
  • Parent contacted via note, e-mail, and/or phone call when there are three infractions during a week.
  • A parent conference will occur when there are 5 infractions during a week.

    Grades 6 - 8
    Class 1, Class 2 and Class 3 Infraction consequences are listed below.

Junior High Behavioral Expectations

  • Class 1 Infractions
  • Tardy for school
  • Hallway misconduct
  • Playground misconduct
  • Chewing gum
  • Being unprepared for class
  • Cell phone use
  • Visiting the wrong websites during class
  • Talking out in class
  • Uniform violations
  • Dressing improperly for PE class

    Students will receive a strike for Class 1 Infractions.
  • If a student receives 3 strikes in one day and/or 5 strikes in one week (from any combination of teachers), he/she will be sent to the teacher in charge of discipline, complete a reflection form, and serve a lunch/recess detention. Parents will sign the completed reflection form and return it to school the following day.
  • If a student incurs a detention, he/she will be prohibited from participation in the next school sponsored event (for example: athletic event: practice, game or play practice) as determined by the administration and teachers.

    If a student receives 2 detentions in one trimester, parents will be contacted for a conference to discuss the repeated negative behavior.

    Students will begin each trimester with no detentions.

    More serious behavior are considered Class 2 Infractions and require immediate disciplinary action. These behaviors include, but are not limited to, the following:
  • Class 2 Infractions
  • Cheating
  • Swearing
  • Blatant disrespect
  • Harassment
  • Lying
  • Stealing
  • Distruction of property

    Class 2 Infractions will result in a meeting with the teacher in charge of discipline, reflection form, and immediate detention. Repeated major infractions will result in a conversation between principal, teacher in charge of dicipline, parents, and the student to discuss a more stringent consequence and posssible suspension. 

    Class 3 Infractions are behaviors that put the student, another student or the entire student body at risk. Such behaviors include, but are not liited to, the following:
  • Class 3 Infractions
  • Bullying (see Bullying Policy)
  • Bringing or supplying another student with alcohol, drugs, or poisonous chemicals, weapons or explosive devices to school
  • Falsely alerting authorities (eg. pulling fire alarms, calling 9-1-1, etc)

    Such behaviors will result in an immediate meeting with the principal, teacher in charge of discipline, parents, and the student to discuss possible suspension or expulsion.
    An appropriate disciplinary response will be determined in each instance by the principal and teacher in charge of discipline using the information at hand at the time of the incident.

    In considering an appropriate response and resulting consequences to each situation, the principal and faculty will weigh:
  • factors, such as previous misbehavior, discipline and / provocation of the student who committed the inappropriate behavior due to harassment, bullying related to race, ethnicity, disability, religion, etc.
  • the nature, frequency and severity of the behavior, and
  • the impact on the school environment and community as a whole.

    The principal has the final say in the discipline response to misbehavior. This applies to any infraction that harms or threatens the health and safety of the school environment and/or its students.